The vast majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra!   We hear it everyday .... "I'm not sure if I am wearing the right size bra".  What they are really saying is "I AM POSITIVE I AM NOT WEARING THE RIGHT SIZE BRA".  

The most common problem is women typically wear a bra that is too large in the band & too small in the cup.   Many customers state their size as a 36D, but after a fitting, may find that a 30F is their ideal size.  This sounds crazy, right??  But wearing a too large band & too small cup means that your breasts are supported by your bra straps which puts unnecessary pressure on your shoulders & also pulls your band up your back.

90% of the support of your bra should come from your band (not straps).  Think of a seesaw.....your band in the back supports your "girls" on the front.  If you are wearing a band that is too big, you will most likely have coverage for your breasts, but you are giving away your support!  

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OK, maybe that's not entirely what Shakespeare pondered, but the debate on whether to wear panties or Go Commando still rages.  Whether you're running low on clean undies or avoiding VPL (visible panty lines),  feeling a little scandalous, or just enjoying the breeze, chances are you've gone Commando (or sans panties) at some point in your life. Some people choose Commando on a regular basis, possibly inspired by the sexy Sharon Stone.

There are no hard & fast rules when it comes to wearing (or not wearing) undergarmets.  Do what feels comfortable for you.    

But when you ditch the panties, pay attention to how things feel down below before you leave home.  Be conscious that scratchy or tight fabrics can be irritating. If you are experiencing even mild discomfort while at home, it may escalate as the day goes on.

Another consideration is LAUNDRY!  This is a big one for me as I don't love doing laundry.  We wouldn't wear panties multiple times without washing them, so the same should go with whatever bottoms you wear without undies.

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Spring is here and with it comes warmer weather & lovely Spring fashions. And what is the wardrobe staple every girl needs?   A good strapless bra!

Does such a thing exist???  Yes, it actually does.  The problem most people make is they purchase a strapless with a band that is too loose & often wear it higher on the back.  Once you move around a bit, the bra starts moving on your body, making you extremely uncomfortable & unsupported.

When purchasing a strapless, make sure your band fits like a "snug hug" on the lower (and smaller) part of your back.  Since your band is 100% of your support, make sure it can actually support your girls.  

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When you hear the word "lingerie", it evokes a certain feeling that has developed over years from advertisements, tv, movies.  The word for many is synonymous with overt sexuality, as if they expect to find Miss Kitty, the red-haired saloon proprietor on Gunsmoke, working in the lingerie store.  Whenever someone asks what I do for a living, it is always amusing to see their shocked reactions - - as if I might be a madam.  

Lingerie simply refers to women's undergarments & nightwear.  And don't we all wear these? (please say that you do!

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Who doesn't love a pretty bra!  But for longer than I care to remember, it was almost impossible to find bras in my size that made me excited.  The bras in the smaller cup sizes were so beautiful with fun colors & lace detailing, but the ones in my size looked like something my grandmother might wear.  Definitely not a confidence boost.  Purchasing bras was something you put off. Walking into a store like Victoria's Secret was almost embarrassing when the sales clerk tells you they don't have your size in the store.  

Enter Elomi .... crafting bras for  curvy girls that not only provide wonderful shape & support ... but are BEAUTIFUL.  

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Do you want to know the secret of feeling sexy??? Of course, you do!   The real trick to being sexy is to feel sexy. Many of us think we are not attractive enough to be sexy.  Being sexy isn't determined by what you look like. Regardless of your shape or size, the first step to feeling sexy is accepting what you look like and loving yourself for it.  Stop worrying about your parts you don't love and instead focus on the bits that you feel are your best. 

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Isn't it amusing to think back on how you think you'll be when you become a parent.  Life would be amazing with perfectly behaved children who adore you.  You will laugh & play & thoroughly enjoy life.  Being a Mom is going to be fantastic!  The reality is that being a Mom is HARD.  Mom's are busy!  Where is the time for those imagined quality times you once envisioned? 

Do you find that you are too busy to be a fun Mom?  Ask yourself, when is the last time you really had fun with your kiddos?  When they want you to play a game with them, is your response "I'll be with you in 15 minutes ... have to get this thing done".  In reality we probably know we will be a lot longer than 15 minutes.  And do you feel relief when they move on to something else and forget about your joining in?   We all love our kids but are we making it a priority to spend time with them? 

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For women who have fuller cups, it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect bra.  It must be comfortable & good quality so it will last.  And we don't want extra padding (makes us look bigger), must bring us in on the sides (so we look 10 lbs lighter), and it should also be seamless so it can be worn under thin clothing.  And who can deliver this magical product???  None other than Empreinte!  

The company was founded in 1946 by an engineer named Jean Le Her who used his technical expertise and love of the female form to craft his marvelous creations. Located in the French town of Brest (really???), the company produces bras so beautiful that you won't want to cover them up!  This was actually the case when actress Halle Berry appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show with an Empreinte bra under a totally see-through blouse.  

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It's an awkward (and exciting) time in every girl's life ..  puberty!  Some girls are excited about their budding breasts & training bras; others worry that all eyes are focused on their breasts and are embarrassed.  The changes are physical but equally emotional. 

During the process, it's important for girls to remember that it is perfectly normal process & EVERY GIRL GOES THROUGH IT at some point in their life.  But if you are feeling self-conscious or teased at school because of your development, find the courage to reach out, even if you think it’s embarrassing.  At Anna Bella Fine Lingerie, we know this can be a tricky time ... especially if you have developed larger breasts.   Ask Mom to bring you in for a bra fitting.  

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Every woman knows that physical activity causes our breasts to bounce up & down which can cause soreness, pain and sagging. (no sagging PLEASE!).  No matter your size, every woman should wear a sports bra while running or exercising.  

Today's bra manufacturers are on our side introducing amazing new sports bras that you will actually want to wear!  Since our breasts have no muscle, the Cooper's ligaments (ligaments near the breast which give them their size and shape) can break down and cause sagging. Once your Cooper's ligaments stretch out, they do not bounce back.   Sorry ladies!  

It's time to try a bra-sized sports bra designed to reduce this movement. One of our favorite manufacturer's is Anita.  Whether playing tennis, jogging, kick boxing, or just out for a brisk walk, Anita has a sports bra perfect for you.

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