The (Not so Scary) Bra Fitting Experience

For many women the mere mention of bra fitting is enough to ignite fear and anxiety. At Anna Bella Fine Lingerie, our fit specialist will ensure that your bra fitting experience is pleasant. We aim to make your experience comfortable, educational, and fun!

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Lingerie is at the top of the list of intimate gifts for women, however the majority of husbands & boyfriends avoid buying lingerie because they feel it is too difficult to shop for it.  With so many choices & sizes, it can be daunting!  Many also fear they will make a purchase that sends the wrong message or that they will look like a pervert if found lingering in a lingerie store.

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In America, we tend to feel uncomfortable with the idea of lingerie. We often associate lingerie with supermodels, "dancers", or women like "Mrs. Robinson" from The Graduate.  We think "I'm not strutting down a runway or trying to seduce someone.  I am fine in my t-shirt & boxer shorts!"  While there are times when t-shirts & boxers are fine, it should't be your only option.
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What’s more romantic than surprising her with a package of hand-picked lingerie? Show her how much you love her with our Je T’Aime Gifting Program.

Complete our style quiz, indicating your gifting amount, frequency, sizes, style & coloration preferences. The rest is in the hands of our stylists to curate a gift package she’ll love. 

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Start a Revolution of your Own
Everyone loves a good t-shirt bra!  Totally seamless so you can wear it under  thin t-shirts and knits. But if you happen to be full busted, t-shirt bras usually come with padding or foam lining .... which means extra volume in an area where you perhaps would like to minimize volume. Should you go with a minimizer bra?  The answer is NO unless you like looking wide. 

So what's a girl to do!  The answer is in the Revolution styles of Empreinte, which are known world-wide for their expertise in producing seamless lace bras. 

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Welcome Spring with new panty styles!
March 26, 2018

 It's time for Spring Cleaning & that includes an upgrade to your knickers!   So throw out all your tired, old panties and try some fresh new styles.  What are you waiting for!

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Bra Fit Checkup

March 06, 2018


We hear it everyday .... "I'm not sure if I am wearing the right size bra".  What they are really saying is "I AM POSITIVE I AM NOT WEARING THE RIGHT SIZE BRA".  A well-fitting bra really matters & but knowing the basic fit points of how your bra should fit will help in guiding you to your best fit possible.   

FIT POINT ONE:   The Center Gore

The center gore is the part of the bra that attaches the two front cups together. Check to make sure the gore is touching your breastbone, separating your breasts.  Nobody wants a Uni-boob!

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Let that special someone know how much you care with Anna Bella's Je T'Aime Gifting Program.  Choose the amount to spend and the frequency of gifts, and Anna Bella will take care of the rest.  Let the spoiling begin by signing up at

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Proper Bra Support is a Must!
February 7, 2018

Sometimes you think you will never find a bra that provides adequate support.  Most people suffer from neck and back pain from using their bra straps to achieve the support they seek.  Let Anna Bella introduce you to bras that actually fit!  Make an appointment for your complimentary fitting today.

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Bonjour Valentine!

February 06, 2018


What's Your Love Language?
February 6, 2018

This Valentine's Day, be sure you are speaking the right language.  That is, the right love language!  It has been reported that there are 5 love languages  .... 5 ways that people speak and understand emotional love.



Once you discover the primary love language of your partner, you are only limited by your imagination on ways to express your love!  Let Anna Bella help you discover the best way to say Je T'Aime!

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