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For most people, bra shopping is like shopping for swimsuits - - usually totally traumatic & disappointing.  It must be part of the reason most women wear bras that are uncomfortable, slip off their shoulders, & create awkward spillage situations.  Sometimes you leave the store with nothing at all, or even worse, with something that fits entirely wrong. 

It can be difficult navigating in the vast sea of bras, with wide variations in how bras of the same size fit from brand to brand - -  even from one style to another within the same brand.  Most people avoid asking for assistance when lingerie shopping ... not wanting anyone inside their "bubble" of personal space.  But there is definitely value in getting help.  Being fitted and wearing your best size changes not only how you feel, but also how clothes fit.  Just look at some Before & After shots to get the idea of the difference a well-fitting bra can make.

Simply put, don't go it alone ... we're help to help!




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