What is A "Sister" Size?

The vast majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra!   We hear it everyday .... "I'm not sure if I am wearing the right size bra".  What they are really saying is "I AM POSITIVE I AM NOT WEARING THE RIGHT SIZE BRA".  

The most common problem is women typically wear a bra that is too large in the band & too small in the cup.   Many customers state their size as a 36D, but after a fitting, may find that a 30F is their ideal size.  This sounds crazy, right??  But wearing a too large band & too small cup means your breasts are supported by your bra straps (rather than your band) which puts unnecessary pressure on your shoulders & also pulls your band up your back.

So why do stores like Victoria's Secret WANT to put you in the wrong size bra?? They don't!   If your true size is a 30F & they don't carry that size, stores will put you in a "Sister Size" ... meaning that the volume of the cup is the same & will provide coverage.  But look at the chart below.  Each cup has the same volume, however notice that the body of a 30F woman is very different from someone who is a true 38C.  Wouldn't you prefer a bra that correctly fits your unique body?90% of the support of your bra should come from your band (not straps).  Think of a seesaw.....your band in the back supports your "girls" on the front.  If you are wearing a band that is too big, you will most likely have coverage for your breasts, but you are giving away your support!  At Anna Bella, we carry brands offering a large variety of band to cup ratios to make sure you get the best fit for your unique body!   Give your "girls" a nice lift today by finding your ideal size.

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