Bra Fit Calculator

Grab a tape measure & notepad and write down these measurements. It is best NOT to wear a bra when taking these measurements.

A:  SNUG UNDERBUST MEASUREMENT  While holding a tape measure parallel to the floor, measure your rib cage right under where breast tissue begins. The tape measure should be snug but not cutting into your skin.

B:  TIGHT UNDERBUST MEASUREMENT  Measure this area again, but this time pulling as tight as possible.

C:  BUST MEASUREMENT STANDING  Loosely measure the fullest part of your bust while standing, being sure to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor.

D:  BUST MEASUREMENT LEANING  Loosely measure the fullest part of your bust while leaning over with your back parallel to the floor.

A = 30"       
B = 29.25"     
C = 35.5"       
D = 36"



RECORD YOUR BAND SIZE  Take Measurement A from above, rounding to the nearest whole number (29.25" would round to 30").  This is your band size!


DETERMINE YOUR CUP SIZE:   Subtract C from D     

  • If this number is 2 or GREATER, average the 2 numbers & enter as E.  In the example, the average of 2 numbers is 35.   Enter 35 as E
  • If the number LESS than 2, E will be the same as D from your initial measurements.
  • EXAMPLE:  36 - 35.5 = .5    (this is less than 2, therefore E will equal Measurement D, OR 36)
  • Now that you have determined E, subtract A from this number.  The result will be used with the chart below to determine cup size.    Example: 36 - 30 = 6

YOUR BRA SIZE IS ... We have already determined band size as measurement A. 
If E - A = 6, then count 6 across the scale above & your bra size would be 30E.